When I began taking photos, I always wished I could ask my favorite photographers questions about their craft. Here's a space where I try to provide that for anyone who considers themselves a fan of my work.


What do you use to edit your photos?

I start by using Lightroom to make all my basic adjustments especially to things like clarity, contrast, and the HSL tab. After making adjustments using all the tabs, I take the photo into Photoshop to edit skin, hair, eyes, and all other more precise edits.

As far as mobile photography, I use Snapseed to make all basic adjustments. The selective tool is really useful. After that, I take the photo into VSCO to make further edits and to stylize the photo.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO.

How do you find locations to use?

I think the best way to find places is simply walking around wherever you are. I drive around a lot and so many times I've discovered amazing spots by simply having the patience to look around and try to imagine what those places could be used for rather than what they immediately appear to be. Helmut Newton said once that a good photographer can find a location for any idea or concept within 5 miles from where they are. 

Bonus Tip

Look particularly for colors and tones. This is especially important for fashion shoot. A simple way to make your photos look good without much effort is to color coordinate or use color palettes. A model with blue eyes, in a blue outfit, with a blue background will look great even before you make a single edit.

Any tips for a beginner photographer?

It sounds so played out but the best way you are going to learn anything in photography is by going out and shooting. Take your siblings, friends, parents if you need to and just shoot. Become comfortable with posing people, directing people. Try new concepts, new angles, new ideas. Learn how to use your camera and all of its functions. Just keep trying and learning basically. Everyone you see doing great work was once a beginner too.

YouTube University

YouTube will become like your best friend at times. So many amazing creatives are there that have really helped me along at times including but not limited to Mango Street, Jessica Kobeissi, & Jessica Whitaker

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