Taking Time to Look Within.

"Each time I see the Upside-Down Man 

Standing in the water,
I look at him and start to laugh,
Although I shouldn't oughtter.
For maybe in another world
Another time
Another town,
Maybe HE is right side up
And I am upside down." / Shel Silverstein.

Sometimes it's good to take a moment and really look at yourself. In the past couple weeks I've found a need to recenter and refocus. When you aren't sharp spiritually, you allow the enemy an opportunity to gain a foothold. I find these moments of reflection key to holding yourself accountable and keeping on the right path.

What do you see in your reflection?

Model / Jay Moise

Stylist / Tammy Dill

Creative Director & Photographer / Oghale Alex

Shot for BYDESIGN Magazine.


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