The Green Interlude

The Intersection Between Pessimism and Optimism.

It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. Will or won’t you make it? Having the knowledge that you have absolutely no idea how things will end is both daunting and peaceful. I remember this book I read once when I was a kid. The premise of the book was that there were two characters who were perpetually afraid of a monster foretold to be at the end of the book. With each page that the reader turned, the fret and worry of the characters grew. Eventually, one of the two characters urged the reader to stop reading and put down the book because of the fear of what was at the end. The other urged you to do the opposite and continue to read because of the excitement of what would be discovered at the end. Finally, upon reaching the end of the book, the big reveal was that the two characters themselves were the monsters foreseen at the beginning of the book.

We all come to a crossroads where we must make a choice. We can either be Character One who was afraid of the end or we can be Character Two who looked forward to the end. One must realize that things are what they are and they will be what they will be. I could get to the end of my story and realize that I was never destined to make it, or I could get there and realize that it was even better than I imagined. Nevertheless, fear and avoidance won’t change the outcome. This is one intersection where we must choose to follow the green light of optimism.

Model / Haruna Jebak

Stylist / Symone Keisha

Creative Director & Photographer / Oghalé Alex

Shot for MEFeater Magazine.

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