The Other Brother

It takes two to get through.

There is an indescribable bond that exists between black men in spaces where you and another “brother” are the only two of your kind.

It is emblematic of an unspoken understanding of brotherhood and solidarity. It is a reminder of your familial support beyond your direct relatives. Your “Other Brother” is your help and reassurance. He’s your comfort, knowing that in any given situation, there is another black man simultaneously going through the same struggle and understands your experience. This empathetic reminder that you are not alone is sometimes all you need to get through.


I took these portraits with a pair of twins that I came across in London. When I first met Devontay and Dijon, the concept of two people looking exactly the same and being treated similarly while living separate lives struck me as a story that could be expanded upon.

I believe that the story behind this series will provide a moment’s comfort to the viewer by showcasing that no matter what a person is going through, others are not only confronting the same thing but understand your experience.

Models / Dijon Graham & Devontay Graham

Stylist / Symone Keisha

Creative Director & Photographer / Oghalé Alex

Shot for Nataal Magazine.

Currently on Display at The National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2020.

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