Western Grace

Vintage Beauty Found in the Desert.

Growing up a small, skinny kid in the western deserts of Arizona, I was always made acutely aware of how the east coast was the place to be. I continually saw images of Times Square in New York and I imagined what life would be like living in a place with so many people who share the same interests as me. There would be no hinderance of my abilities to climb to social ladder if I lived there, I thought. All the opportunities and connections would be free for the taking. For years, I wrestled with the idea but ultimately when I got the chance to move to the east coast, I found that my reliance on being in a populated urban area was completely due to my lack of confidence in where I was. Rather than looking at a place to increase my potential, all the tools for growth were already in my immediate possession. Find the beauty and opportunity exactly where you are.

Model / Safiya Ariel

Stylist / Tammy Dill

Creative Director / Oghalé Alex

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